The Vaishya Samaj has progressed remarkabely in last two decades and very well placed across the world.

"May we attain that excellent glory of Savitar the god :
So may he stimulate our prayers."
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About us - Mahawar vaish

Mahawar Vaishya is a category of Marwari Bania caste of the Hindu religion. Mostly based in Alwar and Jaipur district of Rajasthan, Mathura District of Uttar Pradesh, Mandi Govind Garh in Punjab, Rewari of Haryana and also across India and abroad. They believe in Hinduism, Vaishnav and Sanatan Dharma and called Vaishnav Bania. They are devotees of Krishna and other Hindu gods. They are strict vegetarian in food habit and avoid consuming alcohol. They generally use Gupta as their surname. Other surnames include Data, Gigras & other clan names and sometimes Mahawar also.

Mahawar Vaishaya is the best class of Baniya / vaishya (Business class) as evident from name MAHA + WAR which indicated Great + Businessman.

Some of the famous Mahawars in the History includes Great donor Mr. BhamaShah without whose help Proud of Rajasthan, great emperor Maharana Pratap could not win the war against Mughal king Akabar.

Mahawars has history as old as Lord Krishna, as there are many historic evidence exists for the existenance of mahawars during Lord Krishna's time both while in Mathura UP and in Dwarika Gujarat.



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